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Research engineer

To be a research engineer at Saint-Gobain Research Paris means to work inside a multidisciplinary team, benefit in a cross-cutting way from all our research centre’s scientific skills, and interact with the other Saint-Gobain group entities as well as with the academic world.

You will be in charge of ensuring the completion of one or more research subjects, incorporated into projects aimed at developing new products or processes.

You may also take part in exploratory research programs by proposing new ideas and in this way bring out new projects or new collaborations.




Research technician

Being part of our research teams, research technicians are key employees in our organization. They contribute to all our achievements and participate in accomplishing our overriding mission: improving habitat in its broadest sense while caring for the environment and contributing to the well-being of all.

Research technicians are hired after 2 or 3 years of higher education (either Second-year university level or Degree level). As research engineers, they have the chance to work in a top quality scientific environment. Career opportunities may lead them to work for one of the Saint-Gobain group’s operational entities by joining, for example, a team in production or in another R&D centre.


Be a support function

To be a support function means to hold a key position of assistance and advice with “internal customers” namely the research engineers and technicians with whom contact is permanent.

Management controllers, computer scientists, maintenance managers, communications officers, strategic intelligence monitors, patent engineers, HR managers or purchasers support the drive and momentum of our ever-evolving research departments. Support functions include a generalist dimension to be able to apprehend and control all aspects in a field of competency.

Support functions work regularly together with their counterparts in other Saint-Gobain entities, with whom they share best practices.

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