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A multidisciplinary R&D center

Saint-Gobain Research Paris (SGR Paris) is one of the 8 cross-functional research centers that serve all the businesses of Saint-Gobain worldwide.

These centers maintain and develop core technologies at top level, host large projects & exploratory programs, act as hubs for academic and external contacts, and finally attract and develop talent. 

Saint-Gobain Research Paris embraces many branches of science: optics, physics of soft materials, design, applied mathematics, virtual and augmented reality... Our multidisciplinary research is at the cutting edge of innovation, preparing the future by designing tomorrow's products and processes across a remarkable variety of markets. 

Through its R&D programs, SGR Paris develops reliable and high-performance solutions that improve housing and daily life.

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"At SGR Paris, we have positions in a variety of fields. For examples: Research Engineer, Designer, Sociologist, Patent Engineer, Laboratory Technician (Chemical Analysis), Modeling Engineer, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Engineer, Acoustical Engineer".


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