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Foster a passion for science

A corporate citizen

At Saint-Gobain Research Paris, we contribute to societal challenges through various actions to:

  • Pass on our passion for science
  • Make our employees aware of partner associations
  • Opening our doors to art and culture
  • Promoting equal opportunities

Pass on our passion for science

Saint-Gobain Research Paris encourages science at school. Our employees are regularly invited to lead actions to help pupils and students from all school and university levels to discover science. We participate in the CGenial Foundation's initiative called "Engineers and Technicians in classrooms" and, each year, we welcome the winners of a competition organized by this Foundation. We also participate in the actions of the La Main à la pâte" foundation, which contributes improving the quality of science and technology teaching in primary and middle schools.

Recently, SGR Paris donated a free scanning electron microscope to Lukasz Lapaj of the Dept. of General Orthopaedics, Musculoskeletal Oncology and Trauma Surgery at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland. Another way for us to share tools to advance science.

Make our employees aware of partner associations

Saint-Gobain Research Paris has a partnership with 3 associations: Action Enfance, Le Rire Médecin and Emmaüs Défi. Every month, every employee who has elected to do so, is able to donate the “euro cents” of their salary to these associations. For its part, Saint-Gobain Research Paris is matching these donations by doubling the amount of the donation offered.

Also in partnership with the association Action Enfance,  at the year-end holiday season, our employees were invited to donate gifts at the foot of the Christmas tree to give them a second life. These gifts were then offered to the children of the association.

Opening our doors to art and culture

Located in Aubervilliers, Saint-Gobain Research Paris is an active player in city life. We launched a call for tenders from artists and chose the artist Miadana to create a street art work on the outside wall of our site.

Promoting equal opportunities

Though its hiring policy, Saint-Gobain Research Paris ensures equal opportunities and works to integrate every person.

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