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A culture of partnering with academic research

Co-developing products and solutions is an integral part of the Saint-Gobain group’s approach to innovation.

Dedicated to industrial research, Saint-Gobain Research Paris cultivates strong relationships with the academic world.

The centre shares research programs with a large number of academic research laboratories. At the same time, we regularly work with consultants from outside the Group to leverage their cutting-edge expertise.

Focus on : the Saint-Gobain-CNRS Joint Research Unit
For several years, researchers have been working within the Saint-Gobain-CNRS Joint Research Unit on topics such as surface functionalization and heterogeneous reactive materials.

"There’s a very strong will in SGR Paris to defend innovation. I proposed a study on using the new properties of thin film materials by moving away from the purely optical dimension. I got back in touch with lab where I did my thesis and offered to make a few demo samples and we were able to characterize some relatively original properties."

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