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Foster a passion for science

A strong bond between our employees

Over the whole year, many events give the teams of Saint-Gobain Research Paris the opportunity to build strong relationships and boost synergies.

Poster sessions allow research teams to share their scientific projects.

The Talents Springtime invites all employees to highlight their hobbies and interests outside of work (dancing, music, painting…).

"The Talents Springtime: this is a very good idea to appeal to the employees’ more private skills to show there is a life outside of work. This could range from manual activities to concerts. I also like the idea of seeing what people who I only hang around with at work do outside. The first year, I presented some drawings, some jewellery and shoes I had customized."

Research engineer

Other regular get-togethers like the New Year’s wishes ceremony also offer the opportunity to meet up in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

A climate that favours exchanges.

At Saint-Gobain Research Paris, diving into the pool of scientific culture is facilitated by the building’s spatial organization. Our labs and workshops are grouped around a long central aisle, like a real village. They form a friendly ensemble where employees naturally meet up and converge in the same direction.

Informal discussions are in this way both frequent and rewarding. Through their spontaneity, they materialize the open spirit of an environment focused on the passion of scientific research.

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